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An exhibition by Roger Gadd

Roger Gadd, born near Manchester and has lived in Sunderland almost all of his adult life, has always drawn and painted,  mainly painted landscapes, using watercolours, oils and pastels.
In May 1995 Roger arrived in Harris for the first time. He recalls “It was a grey and wet Monday afternoon and the journey from Tarbert to Luskentyre was somewhat daunting. What would we do for a week? Then we reached a point where the road descends towards Luskentyre Road End and I simply couldn’t believe the light from the sand as we looked across in the direction of Taransay. Where the Luskentyre road follows the edge of the beach, we gasped and shouted “wow” as each turn in the road revealed a new view and different, unbelievable colours.” That was the beginning of his love-affair with the Western Isles. Almost every year since, sometimes several times, Roger has returned to paint; usually on the beaches. Plein air work used to be mainly in watercolour but, more recently he has found that pastels suit his style best.

Roger had an exhibition at Seallam when it first opened and showed his work in Hebrides Art. A pastel of a landscape near Sunderland was chosen by the Editor to be featured in Leisure Painter, November 2020.

To view Roger’s work click here.

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