As summer gets underway, we are delighted to host the debut exhibition of one of the Hebrides’s young artists. From her studio desk on the Isle of Scalpay, Naomi Coghill presents a body of work that spans Harris, Lewis and Scalpay across the seasons, capturing the iconic scenery and weathered landscape of these islands.

Working through the medium of acrylic and watercolour, Naomi uses varying canvas sizes and compositions to capture the palette of the Outer Hebrides. “Niseaboist Beach” is an intimate work where the foreground detail draws the viewer in. Her handling of acrylic has captured, in an almost photorealistic way, the ripples of the sea whilst keeping the texture of the medium.

By contrast, “Winter Tide” boasts a more imposing canvas, but the powerful yet elegant narrative Naomi brings to the still winter morning through her use of cool purples and early morning pastels give life to the chill air of the Atlantic. 

Be sure to discover these paintings for yourself, and many more that Naomi has completed, in the foyer gallery of Talla Na Mara. Both original works and prints will be available for purchase.

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