Staff Profile

Welcome to our first staff profile!! Over the next few months we will be bringing you interviews with staff and directors, along with members of the community and some special guests, to share their stories of living and working in West Harris!

Mark Crichton: Marketing Graduate

Mark was appointed as our marketing graduate in July 2017 on a 12-month placement part funded by HIE and the European Regional Development Fund. We’ve asked him a few questions to sum up his experience so far!

What were your motivations behind moving to Harris?
Having never visited Harris before, it was a bit of a leap of faith but after seeing loads of stunning videos and photographs online I fell in love with the unique landscapes and haven’t looked back since!

Has it lived up to your expectations?
YES! Definitely, I was able to go surfing at Niseabost before going in for a day in the office during the summer which was unbelievable. I am still getting used to the dark nights and constant wind, but I love how often the weather changes here and miss it when I am off island! 😅

What have you been working on so far?
Talla na Mara is the cornerstone of the West Harris Trusts long-term future so most of my work has involved developing a new website and advertising the services we provide. I have also been involved with some really exciting developments for the Trust including an archaeology project, and I even coordinated a wedding!

What are you looking forward to in 2018?

It’s still a wee bit cold for surfing just now, but I can’t wait to be able to get back out in the waves, as cheesy as it sounds! I’m also looking forward to doing a little bit more video footage, things like conducting interviews with the community and creating promotional films for our campervan spots! And it’s hard not to be excited about the exhibitions and events planned for this year!

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